The Legalization

Join with us for the Legalization

Cannabis is integral part of Hinduism not only for religious but spiritual uplifting too and they say “you are immune to all disease when you are spiritually uplifted”. In Atharva Veda it is written that medicinal cannabis, which is portrayed as 1 of the most important of the 5 sacred plants within the five most important herb that release us from anxiety; which is the primary reason for most deadly disease in existence today including cancer .

We are at crossroads in India to Legalize as more and more Cancer patients and Eclipses and other disease patients which non curable or partially curable; seeking alternative medicine to cure their disease . So lets us get together in every city and town try to get legalization; either a complete one or the one which will be controlled by Govt , either way we need to be together and spread this herb specialty to our people to create a mass public opinion.

Currently it is illegal by the NDPS which was created after govt came under direct pressure of the UN in 1985 to ban the Holy Herb classifying it as Schedule 1 Drug . Today if you want to make Rick Simpson Oil in India to cure Cancer you may have illegally purchase it from untrustworthy peddler who brings in the Cheap and old Cannabis which has no or very less medicinal Value Plus the Old cannabis is mixed with different chemicals to make potent enough for a smoker to make him a returning customer.

Our Plan is to Legalize by having a self-appointed leaders and volunteers in each and every city and town of India who can work independently and contribute for the noble cause, our web system would provide the details of Volunteers of every city to the city leader who will ensure that these volunteers are informed on the events and also get permission for rallies and events.

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