Rick Simpson Oil in India


I just want to cut shot without taking much of your time and appreciate your efforts to cure someone whom you know , Whom you love, and want them to be alive as many days as possible and probably die a natural death happily , and not die of pain and facing death every day in their psyche . Knowing that they are just guests for short time , no matter whatever age group they belong right from 3 years old to old age every human deserves to live a cancer free and few other serious aliments free of life. I just request if you find and use the below information to cure someone, I would just feel that I have contributed to the mankind in a small way, However I feel I would inspire you to join all towards a common goal to Legalize Marijuana or Ganja or Bhang or Cannabis in India as it is also known as Gods own creation exclusively for humans to cure mental and physical body as per Holy Vedas.

How Rick Simpson Oil helped for cancer ?

My testimony is about my Mom who is cured of Terminal Breast Carcinoma (Cancer) My mom had lump back in 2010 , however not until 2013 we knew what exactly it was , by then it was already in the second stage . However Doctors knifed the right breast and went through Chemotherapy and Radiation. We thought it was cured not until April 2015 when my mom had short breath and had a choking feel. Got her admitted to “Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital” at Bangalore. Doc said that she is terminal 4th stage Metastasis of Cancer And it had spread to the diaphragm of the lungs , which collected liquid between the lung and the diaphragm . she had gone through “malignant pleural effusion” and liquid drained out , However the “malignant pleural effusion” reoccurred in 2 months’ time. That is when the doctor said she has to go through Chemotherapy. My mom refused right away because it is near death experience for her last time. Hence she denied it ; Moreover the side effects of the previous Chemotherapy (2013) started showing in Heart Failure . During this Time I had made up my mind to try what I used in my early days of college life Ganja or what they call Marijuana , I got to know about “Rick Simpson Oil India”, My major Confusion started on where to procure it , I went to known people who knew where to get it , however they cautioned me against the SPIKED marijuana . which they mix with Rat poison so that smoker gets hit of a marijuana which is old brittle dry or may be for reason to get smoker back to them because of unique Highness one may achieve using the spiked weed . I thought it might be highly dangerous, until and unless I pluck them straight. Days passed and pressure on me with delaying the medication to my mom . Fortunately I met my friend whom I met couple of years back and smoked up for Pleasure at Shivmoga, Karnataka back then. He said he can introduce the farmers near kuvempu University, However I had to spend 3500 bugs for 100 Gms of weed that I needed around 500 Gms ,Got the weed from the farm with great Aroma , I knew It was cannabis Indicia ( thank god that’s what I wanted ) My friend called it Shimoga Bud; was scared to shit while traveling back; brought it home and used the Rick Simpson Oil Method to Make the Oil , used the isopropyl alcohol which I locally purchased near industrial area , Chemical Dealer said to be 100 % pure . I got the oil and Medicated to my home using Capsules and increased the dose slowly till 2 months had gap of one month for some reason and started again for 2 months , she is been living an extended life as the doc claimed to be just 5 to 6 months , it is almost 10 months now . she is living ever better . I helped few of the people whom I met on Facebook , I helped them with how to make it on their own . I feel people should openly talk about this and not to see this wonder medicine as Banned Drug.

In Hinduism , specifically Bhangee is considered as
a important plant from God. It was not banned until United States
exerted pressure on India to ban and made the plant illegal, while I am
writing this long article I just read that Obama is going to appeal in
UN to legalize marijuana in one article , “U.S. Government May Push for
International Drug Decriminalization During UNGASS 2016” I just hope
finding the cure should be legal someday . Connect with me to share your
experience of miracle cure. Subscribe to my page on facebook search for
Medical Marijuana in India” to know more about Rick Simpson Oil in India.


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